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Spanning a Lifetime

Spanning a Lifetime - A book about bridges with associated stories.

This is my latest book which is scheduled to be published on 3rd January 2014. Initially, it will be available from all the Amazon global companies both as a paperback, also as a Kindle version.

Please see below, a copy of the Foreword, plus the Table of Contents. 

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I have always appreciated the structure of bridges, be they small or large, and constructed from stone, timber, concrete, iron & steel, aluminium, or a combination of any, or all of these materials.

Not only do I find most bridges very pleasing on the eye, but I admire the architectural and engineering design that goes into building them.

The bridges described in this book are included for various reasons. Some invoke specific memories, whereas others, rate particularly high, within my league table of great bridges. They are all bridges that I have either, crossed over, passed beneath, or simply visited, some close to home, and others from my global travels.

Bridges are amazing structures, and I marvel at how ancient civilisations including the Romans, were capable of designing and constructing bridges from timber and natural stone. Furthermore, how they ever understood the nature of the forces involved, and how these were calculated to provide a bridge capable of spanning a river or a valley, with a functional load bearing capability.

There have been many disasters involving bridges and design and construction engineers have great responsibility to provide structures that are highly functional and safe.

Bridges are symbols of a nation’s development, with bigger and longer structures now being constructed in many parts of the world.

I also appreciate fine looking historic ships, so there are a few of those included amongst the bridges, simply for my self-indulgence.

I hope you enjoy reading about the bridges I have selected in this book, for their interest and connection with my journey through life.



Table of Contents

1.      Penn Bridge - Bosley, England.

2.      Macclesfield Canal Bridges – Bosley, England.

3.      Foryd Bridge - Rhyl, North Wales.

4.      Conwy Suspension Bridge – Conwy, North Wales.

5.      Duke Street Bridge - Birkenhead, England.

6.      Iron Bridge - Shropshire, England.

7.      Tower Bridge - London, England.

8.      River Nile Bridges – Cairo, Egypt.

9.      Florida Bridges - USA.

10.  Forth Rail Bridge – Queensferry, Scotland.

11.   The Humber Bridge - Humberside, England

12.   Royal Border Bridge - Berwick-Upon-Tweed, England.

13.   Cross Keys Bridge - Sutton Bridge, England.

14.   Makaranga Japanese Garden Bridge - Kloof, South Africa.

15.   Nanpu Bridge - Shanghai, China.

16.   Bandra – Worli Sea Link - Mumbai, India.

17.   Jozef Pilsudski Bridge - Krakow, Poland.

18.   Charles Bridge - Prague, Czech Republic.

19.  Incheon Bridge - Seoul, South Korea.

20.   Sydney Harbour Bridge - New South Wales, Australia.

21.  The Bridge of Sighs - Venice, Italy.

22.  Öresund Bridge - Scandinavia.

23.   The 25 de Abril Bridge - Lisbon, Portugal.

24.   Trinity Bridge - St Petersburg, Russia.

25.   North American Bridges - USA & Canada.

26.   Clumber Park Bridge - Worksop, England.

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