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The Published Works Of Chris Pownall

This is the life

This is the third in a series of biographical books detailing the interesting and amusing life of Chris R. Pownall. ‘This is the Life’ has more factual information about rural life in England after WW2, focusing upon the activities and pastimes of a young lad growing up in a Cheshire village.

The book will appeal to those interested in social history, as Chris recalls his time at Congleton Senior Boys School, as well as his memories of the local townships of Macclesfield and Leek. Research has discovered what happened to a number of Chris’s former class mates from form 3rd Tech ‘A’ in 1958.

The remainder of the book is an anthology of things, which have enriched Chris’s life. These include humorous life stories collated from a period of seven decades.

There are more details of his travels, this time whilst sailing the high seas with P&O Cruise Lines. Chris reviews four cruises that he and his wife Pat have enjoyed following their retirement.

The final chapter describes what happened when Chris spent Christmas 2012 admitted to a NHS district hospital. As always, he had his note pad and pen with him and he took the opportunity to record his observations throughout his stay in hospital.