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A Long journey back

This is my third book entitled 'A Long Journey Back' . It tells the story about our 39 year old son Robert Pownall, who at the age of eighteen, suffered a near fatal head injury. He was unfortunate in having an accident which caused an intercranial hemorrhage that required life saving surgery. The story describes Rob's remarkable determination and courage in fighting his way back from the darkness of a coma.

With the assistance of the 'Royal College of Surgeons' I have been able to trace the surgeon who operated on Rob and he has kindly given me permission to publish his name.

The book is intended to be an inspiration to those who may find themselves in a similar situation to Rob and just need some encouragement to achieve the best possible recovery.

We all hear a lot of bad news about the NHS (National Health Service) and the book provides an opportunity to record some excellent things which will hopefully bring a little balance to this highly valued organisation, which should be greatly appreciated, as a national treasure.  

The famous comedian Kenn Dodd of Knotty Ash fame, receives a mention within the book and he too, has kindly granted me permission to publish his name. Thanks Ken.